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Setting paramount standards in designing dreams from basic ideas and thoughts, bringing in the power of Vaasthu to admirable structures that are synonymous with strength, style, versatility and practicability, Hirise Architects is setting archetypes in this field. From mere structures in brick and mortar to enhancing the of charm strong buildings, the ones that dreams are made of, they offer consultancy services in Vaastu. This brings nothing but positivity and satisfaction! The team of partners who have ample experience and interests in various fields are committed to offer only the best to their clients.

The veterans here believe that: “When we go into that new project, we believe in it all the way. We have confidence in our ability to do it right”- Walt Disney

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In a league of their own and employing the best hands in town to deliver outstanding services in the shortest span of time and at competitive rates, Hirise Architects team of highly-efficient specialists guarantee total customer satisfaction.

Exterior Design

Buildings that are Vaasthu Compliant have an impeccable amalgamation of modern, innovative styles, contemporary engineering and the proven benefits of age-old techniques. This ensure optimum strength and are eye-catching with eloquent appearance, the end results are what dreams are made of, but offered by HiRise Architects.

Interior Design

Bringing simplicity to a motley of ideas and understanding the complexities involved in interpreting and constructing visions conceptualized by the clients, HiRise Architects takes every opportunity to provide the best.


Consulting means providing the right direction and trust. Hirise Architects experts are here to bring out the best in their employees. “Every person under your supervision is different. They’re all different.

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Ugra Arcade, 2nd Floor, Thali Cross Road, Palayam
Kozhikode, Kerala 673002

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